For the Love of Boho

For the Love of Boho

Acne Studios tunic
$1,000 –

Ash shoes

Fringe shawl


The Charles Albert Surprise!

Let’s Face it when we¬†spend¬†9.99 for a pair of shoes, we may lower our expectations. ¬†We may not expect them to be stylish. ¬†In addition, we may not expect them to be made of anything other than synthetic materials.

I was in the market for a flat, black, comfortable shoe at an affordable price to wear to work that would literally go with any outfit.  I went to a local store that specializes in trendy fast fashion and there they were.

Charles Albert black suede lace up   $9.99

Charles Albert black suede lace up

IMG00555 These shoes were originally $12.99; I was just in the right place at the right time.  They were on sale for $9.99!

As with most fast fashion this shoe is made in China, so I was surprised to read the inside that stated “Upper materials Suede.” ¬†The leopard print fabric inside is a stylish embellishment.

Although I purchased these in an actual store, they are sold on-line with prices just as reasonable. ¬†So ladies, next time you’re on a very tight budget but need a cute shoe think Charles Albert.

RED-y Set Go!

RED-y Set Go!