The Cool Guy

The Cool Guy

Having the “Cool Guy” at the party is a must.  Why? Nothing irritates him and he has such laid back conversation.  You know ladies at a party ..”Watch my drink” “Watch my purse” blah blah blah..

The “Cool Guy” smiles and says “Sure, no problem.” He even keeps his word, drinks and purse remain in tact.

Dapper Don

Dapper Don

No, his name is not Don it just seemed to go well with Dapper.  This is the guy at the party that makes you check your threads to ensure that you are stylish enough to even stand beside him. The good news is even if you are not he is too much of a gentleman to make you feel anything less than fabulous.  He is great to have at a party because he sets the style standard.

Boogie Shoes

Miss Boogie Shoes

Let’s face it would it really be a party with out Miss. Boogie Shoes?  She is the lady who came with one goal to have a good time! She danced the night away.  She let the cool guy watch her purse and told Dapper Don to tell the DJ to play her favorite songs.  She came prepared with golden flip flops just in case her golden stilettos prevented her from busting out her favorite moves.


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