Gold Pearl Bracelet

Gold Pearl Bracelet

On a recent thrift store visit I purchased some gold accessories. In this post I will share my discoveries with you.

What’s the most amazing thing about the thrift store other than the thrill of the hunt and the one of a kind find?  You guessed it-the price! This amazing gold pearl bracelet cost $8.00.  Of course if I was to purchase such an elegant piece elsewhere I would be looking to pay over $30.00 for it.

Gold Pendant Necklace

Gold Pendant Necklace

Although, the gold pendant necklace is pictured here with a printed textile background, it is the perfect necklace when you are looking to spice up your LBD.  It actually makes a great statement piece against just about any solid color dress.  Ok, so what was the actual price tag for this thrifty find? It was $4.00! I win.

Gold Sheer Scarf

Gold Sheer Scarf

This gold sheer scarf was love at first sight.  I began visualizing all of its possibilities.  Wear as a shawl, wear as a sarong, wear as a turban; of course, there are more options. I just chose to name a few.  So I know you are wondering what I paid for all of this versatility.  It only set me back $6.00.

So, for less than $20 I acquired some pieces that far surpass their price tag.


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