Flower Girl

flower dress on bridge

It was a humid day. So finding water for breeze was very relaxing.  At the edge of this bride are trees that provide much needed shade on such a day. I must say this is the perfect dress for a hot day.  The breeze travels through it and the light colors reflect the sun.

jumping in flower dress

Here I’m on the steps of a museum.  I didn’t enter that day.  The art that my soul craved was provided in the nature around me.

back of flower dress

Dress: H&M

Shoes: JCPenney

arms in air flower dress

I’m glad I decided to venture out that day in my flower dress on a search for

something that spoke balance and peace. This is called Mary’s Garden if you get

a chance to visit the museum on a nice day stop for a moment and take it all in.


Chrysler Museum of Art

Happy Styling,




I recently had the opportunity to facilitate a “Royal Crown” party in Maryland.  What I will do is show you some of the looks that emerged from the party.


The above look is the actual “Queen of the Day.” It was her birthday! This is a look for one who does not mind having their entire head wrapped.  This fabric is hand-dyed batik.

Below is a style for one who may not wish to have their entire head covered.  In this case both the scarf and the side pony tail was featured.


The final look I will show is a young lady whose curls were so pretty that I did not want to completely cover her hair.


I would like to say thank you to RicLamar Designer Fabrics of Hampton, Virginia of which I am an independent dealer.  The hand dyed batik scarf is courtesy of RicLamar Designer Fabrics.


The fabrics in the above picture are both batik and African waxed fabric.


image I took a walk today and saw something fabulous beckoning me to enter this open door. image There they are! I saw these silver beaded hoop earrings. I was instantly transported to Sade songs playing in my head. image Find #2 is a brass hairpin! The store’s owner gave me tips on how to clean brass (a product called neverdull). image Last but not least, this gold shell has a clip on the back.  It’s original use was to clip onto shoes. I’m sure I will find a way to clip it in my hair.